Melissa & Pedro 4 October 2015
Congratulations Quinta da Barreta !! It was a week ago that Pedro and I married and had an unforgettable day, which even the weather forecast did not spoil for a second. We are on honeymoon, but there is no day that passes without all that party and magic is not present in our memory. There are no words to describe your professionalism, the rigor, the commitment, the dedication, the sympathy of the whole team !! They are undoubtedly the best and will stay forever in our history; ) I’m glad that I believe in love at first sight and I have not regretted having chosen all of you to fulfill one of my dreams of my life! Thank you all, ALL !! Very big kiss.


Inês & Jorge September 12, 2015
Hello Patricia,

Now that we have returned from our honeymoon, we would like to thank you and the whole team at Quinta da Barreta for their excellent professionalism, adaptability to unforeseen situations, organization, friendliness and well-being. With your help we were able to enjoy our day to the fullest!
Thank you for having provided us and our guests with magnificent moments.
Inês & Jorge

Joana & Pedro October 3, 2015
Hello Patricia,
We wanted to thank the entire Quinta team, especially you and Hélder for the fabulous support we were given. Everything was excellent from the space, the food, the organization, the sympathy of all the employees, even with some exaltations from some guests, they were always up to the task and showed excellent professionalism.
We are very grateful for everything.
Little kisses!
Joana and Pedro

Tatiana & Pedro
6 September 2015
Now that we are back from our honeymoon and have already recovered our energies, we have come to leave you with a message of affection and gratitude. Thank you for making my day and Peter’s day so special and unique and for making our friends and family feel so comfortable. Happiness and joy were always present in everyone’s eyes! Your space is really unique and everything was just perfect. A big thanks and a big kiss to our dear Patricia! Thank you for the patience, the professionalism, the rigor and the security that has always transmitted us. We knew we had everything under control. You can see that Patricia, Hélder and all the team do their work with all the care and with all the pleasure! Those looking for a family atmosphere, an airy space, clean and careful, a 5 * catering and a tireless team finds in your farm !! Thanks for everything! Kisses. Tatiana & Pedro Lopes

Ana Rita & João Firmino
1 August2015
I want to thank all the professionals at Quinta da Barreta for the excellent work they did on the day of our wedding. There are no words to describe it, it was something from another world. We loved it, the guests left happily. In particular we want to thank Patrícia, Hélder, Paulo G, and of course the Angel. Advise future bride and groom, visit the farm because they will not regret it. Everything is done in detail. Thank you very much to all of you.

Magda & Rui
25July 2015
The decision of choosing the space was not easy and this was not my fifth of choice, however, today I recognize that my current husband was right, they transmitted a great confidence from the first day, and the day we came to confirm all this and a lot more. The day was simply magnificent, we did not have a single guest who did not say well of the food and the service. Neither we nor the present have anything negative to say, quite the opposite! We could not have made a better choice! Thank you Quinta da Barreta.


Marriage of Maria-Leonor Wyborn and Jonathan Thompson May 29, 2015
Religious ceremony: Church of Janes Reception: Quinta da Barreta

Testimony of Sue White (Aunt of the Bride)
Tavistock, Devon, England

“We were very impressed with Quinta da Barreta, it had an usual and interesting garden very suited to outside socializing but also a very swish indoor reception area that comfortably accommodated all the guests.

The children were fascinated with all the hiding places in the terraced gardens, they spent a great deal of time running around safely, monopolizing the luxurious outdoor beds and sofas and collecting pine cones, and at twilight were fascinated by the presence of the Outdoor solar lights. The presence of the children entertainers was a bonus, and the face painting and games still talked about.

We do not go to many Portuguese weddings, so I had no idea what to expect of the formal evening reception but I can honestly say that the range and quality of food was superb, the desserts were out of this world. Finally we really should thank the staff, they were very attentive and efficient, anticipating our every wish and continually refilling our glasses. It really was a well chosen Mizé venue. ”

Maria José and Phill Wyborn (parents of the bride)
Runcorn, Cheshire, England
Email: info@mawyborn.co.uk

“Our daughter wanted to have a wedding in Portugal. We went to various places in our search for a venue, but Patricia at Quinta da Barreta, and her team, were the only ones able to answer all the questions we asked and suggested solutions for all The aspects raised, bearing in mind that the event was largely arranged from abroad and that the majority of the guests were coming from England and had never been in Portugal.

The planning of the wedding on the day was flawless and nothing was too much to ask. The quality of service provided by Patricia and her team at Quinta da Barreta is in the top tier of wedding venues anywhere in the world.
They were unanimous in stating that: “they had the best holiday and the best wedding celebration shown by Quinta da Barreta was second to none”.

We wish we had another daughter to have Patricia organize another wedding …: =) ”


Sarah & James 11 July 2015
I leave here a very special thanks to the whole team of Quinta da Barreta for the exceptional day they provided us! We loved the day and we will never forget the dedication, professionalism and above all the affection! A special thank you to Patricia who was relentless and made our day unforgettable!
A little kiss to the whole team,
Sarah & James


Carina & Pedro June 27, 2015
And today is a month !!!! How we wanted it all again … It was undoubtedly the happiest day of our lives and you did everything to make it happen .. I did not feel you as a work team, but rather as friends / family …. Thank you very much for They were part of our day! (Written 27/7/2015)

The whole Quinta da Barreta team helped make it the happiest day of our lives. There is nothing to point from beginning to end. The professionalism of the whole team, the wonderful gastronomy, the purest and genuine sympathy of all, all the surrounding space. Never at any time did I or my guests feel like we were being pushed to leave. It was all wonderful. The residual DJ, there are no words! If he remarried for sure, it would be the same place. And I will recommend to all the grooms, baptisms, birthdays!


Mafalda & Pedro July 18, 2015
One word is enough: EXCEPTIONAL !!!!! Very professionalism, lots of friendliness and lots of it, but even a lot of quality!

Raquel & Bruno 4 of July of 2015 (parents and sister of the groom)
Good morning, Patricia.
Special days are only perfect if the people involved contribute to this. For us, July 4th was one of those days and we thank your team for that. They have been impeccably professional until the last second. Our THANK YOU to all the team but especially to Helder and to you, Patricia for all the patience, understanding and sympathy. Ana, Jorge and Daniela Duarte


Tété & Bruno jULY 3 2015
Thank you to the whole Quinta da Barreta team and especially to Patricia. They were spectacular and very professional. Thank you for everything;) Continuation of an excellent work.
Privacy Policy

Super professional and honest throughout the process until finalizing the event. I highly recommend this space for those who want to make your wedding day special and unwind and enjoy it. The price and quality is excellent!
Good choices and weddings.


Colete & Luís June 20, 2015
Good Morning,
We have thanked the entire Quinta da Barreta team, especially Helder and Patricia for all the support and cooperation provided both before and during the wedding.
They were all impeccable and for sure without your help our wedding party would not have run like it did.
In the following days there were several comments / compliments from the guests about the space, organization, food (quality and quantity) as well as the personal relationship allied to the professionalism of the Quinta da Barreta team.
We felt that we could not have chosen a better venue for our wedding party.
Thank you so much for everything.

Luis and Colete


Leonor & Jonathan May 29, 2015
Testimony of the mother of the bride D. Maria José
Quinta da Barreta (Cascais) acted exceptionally throughout the preparation for my daughter’s wedding on May 29 and throughout the day. Most of the guests came from England and Patricia (Quinta da Barreta) was relentless giving us a solution to the accommodation of the guests that was extremely well received (Vila Bicuda). Patrícia and her team are to be congratulated. Their performance could be anywhere in the world and I am sure they would be at the top of the list. I would recommend Quinta da Barreta to anyone who wants to have the wedding celebration in Portugal. My daughter got married in May (2015) in Cascais (religious ceremony at Janes church and reception at Quinta da Barreta) and everyone had a wonderful time. They were unanimous in stating that they had the best holiday and the best wedding celebration. The professionalism shown by Quinta da Barreta was second to none. They will easily be at the top of the list in any part of the world. Many thanks to Patricia and her team at Quinta da Barreta.
Carina & Gonçalo May 30, 2015
Many thanks to the whole team, especially Patricia and Helder for the fantastic day they provided! Everything was great!


Filipa & Bruno June 13, 2015
Thank you for all the attention caring professionalism that turned our day into a dream. Our choice could not have been better. Thank you very much to Quinta da Barreta and your team. A kiss
Sandra & Filipe April 25, 2015
Friendliness, competence and professionalism at its best, always attentive to every detail. We trusted 100% from the first moment. Pleasant space with 5 star service. The feedback from all the guests was also very positive, We highly recommend it because without doubt they have made our day magical and unique.


Cátia & Filipe May 23, 2015
Undoubtedly it was our best option as we shared the happiest day of our lives with you .. Thank you to all the staff for the excellent professionalism and friendliness .. A very special thanks to Patricia .. 🙂 beijinhos


Martha & Fernando May 10, 2015
We want to leave our strong thanks to this wonderful Quinta, which made our day spectacular! From your beautiful space, to the accompaniment and professionalism of all those who work there, to the care with the smallest detail, to perfectionism, organization, food, music, environment … Everything! Everything perfect for us. A special thank you to Patricia for being as she is, transmitting confidence, tranquility and always being “eye to eye” :), as well as Hélder and Paulo Gralha for professionalism. We highly recommend it! 🙂 Martha Correia and Fernando Correia.


Carla & Nelson May 9, 2015
Good afternoon Patricia,
First of all I want to thank the commitment, dedication and affection manifested to us and our guests.
The whole team deserves our congratulations, the feedback from our guests could not be better, thank you for being a part of our day!
We are and we are very grateful for the collaboration and patience that Patricia had with the newlyweds Carla & Nelson
Thank you


Ana Rita & Ricardo May 1, 2015
And it’s only 5, because there are no more stars. The truth is that this Quinta and all the people who work here exceed any scale! From the first contact (a year ago) to the last second of our wedding, the whole team was absolutely fantastic and relentless! Patrícia and Hélder always, at all times, were super available, professionals as it is rare to find, attentive, comforting and always with great suggestions. Even in those moments of nerves and “panicanço” pre-marriage, they always transmitted much calm and confidence.
There is no real word to thank Quinta da Barreta for everything they have done, the exceptional way they welcomed us and our guests and the care they have taken at every moment to make our party exactly what we always dreamed of.
At the end of the party, all of our guests came to congratulate us on the choice of space, since they had all been received and treated with great friendliness, availability and also referred as a strong point that the food was great!
Our most sincere thank you!


Ana & Pedro 21 March 2015

Hello Patricia,

I would like to thank you for the day you provided us … everything went better than we ever imagined and we were very happy in choosing your space.

We wish for a restful year full of good marriages and to keep everything running for the better.

Ana and Pedro kisses.


Eduarda & Marcus
November 2, 2013
It was simply a wonderful day that we, the bride and groom and all the guests we loved! And after 1 year and 2 months it is still talked about on that day as being one of the best weddings ever made! From the entrance to the accompaniment to the exit everything was done with a lot of affection and professionalism. And highly praised by the guests. Thank you to all the staff of the farm and especially to Patricia and Helder for the availability and attention. You are wonderful! Thanks for everything!
Kisses and hugs,
Eduarda and Marcus.

Sara & Filipe,  September 5, 2014

It’s been 2 months but it seems like yesterday … It was a beautiful and unforgettable day and for this we want to thank Quinta da Barreta and especially Patricia and Helder for helping us to make this dream come true 🙂

We advise Quinta da Barreta and its excellent service to all those who are looking for a place to celebrate this important moment! Thanks 🙂


Susana & Sérgio, October 5, 2014

Quinta da Barreta was the first space we visited and after the fantastic presentation that Patricia made to us, we could not enjoy any other Quinta.

From the beginning of the process to the end of the party, we could always count on the unconditional support of Patricia. Without it we would not have been able to accomplish our day. It was even possible for us to take our bitch to participate in the civil ceremony!

The service was all outstanding, the food was excellent, all the guests raved about it. There was even a guest who wanted to talk to the chef to ask for a recipe.

DJ da Quinta, Paulo Gralha, was also excellent. The choice of songs for the party was just what we wanted. And always respected our choices, even when the father of the groom asked him to play pimba music, he never did it without our permission.

We could not have chosen better, it’s more than recommended!


Inês & João, September 21, 2014

It was on September 21 that we celebrated our wedding and thanks to the wonderful team at Quinta da Barreta the day became not only unique but perfect. Without a single fault to point out, we can only leave our most sincere and sincere thanks to an exceptional, friendly, extremely professional and dedicated team. A big thank you to Patrícia and Helder who from the beginning captivated us and left us rested for all the preparation for our day and also a big thank you to DJ Paulo Gralha for his support, commitment and professionalism throughout the party.

Fifth highly recommended, if your goal is to have a dream wedding!



Diana & Bruno, September 20, 2014

Thank you very much Quinta da Barreta for the WONDERFUL day we were provided !! You are 5 stars! Without the excellent work of Patrícia, Hélder, Paulo (DJ), Pedro Cardoso, head chef and other team members the day would not have been perfect as it was !! We would marry again just for the party and the place !! We recommend this farm to all the grooms! A big kiss already miss you !! Diana & Bruno



Margarida & Ricardo, September 6, 2014

We could not fail to thank you once more for all your dedication and availability. It was an unforgettable party for us and the guests and we know that they are also responsible for this positive feeling that marked the happiest day of our lives! I would like to have a party again 🙂


Ana & Sérgio, August 23, 2014

Our thanks to the entire team, in particular, for Patricia and Helder, for the fantastic organization of our day, which takes place one month ago. Ana & Sérgio


Catarina & Rafael, August 10, 2014

Thank you to everyone who makes Quinta da Barreta a fantastic place for our special day! It was all beautiful, thank you all mainly Patricia and Helder for the friendliness and hospitality! It is recommended … and much!


Sofia & Renato, July 11, 2014

Nowadays it is very easy to discover weddings farms online. The truth is that the photos do not always correspond to the fifth when we visit. Since I would have about 150 guests I imagined the farm I wanted: green and beautiful space, a glassed-in conservatory overlooking the garden and a cozy farm so that the guests would not disperse and make the marriage more intimate. As she was also getting married by the civilian, she hoped that the ceremony space would also be romantic and beautiful.

I saw many farms, especially in the Sintra area but when I first met Quinta da Barreta it was passion at first sight. Advantages: the space is beautiful and very well taken care of; Had exactly what I had imagined in my head; And to add the icing on the cake, the team at the farmhouse is made up of a group of professionals who overflow sympathy, the food is great and they did everything in their power to make our day special.

If you still have a wedding with many children, this is the ideal space!

I advise


Natália and Filipe, August 22, 2014

It’s been a week since we got married at Quinta da Barreta and our criticism could not be better! We identified with everything from the very beginning: the location, the space, the organization, the people, anyway … everything! As for the preparations, we were very well accompanied and everything went smoothly. Coming to our day, we were confident, especially since we knew that Quinta’s team was extremely professional and organized. Well, not only did it run as desired as it exceeded all expectations, both ours and the guests!

All excellent! 🙂

Our thanks to all who collaborated for our day, starting with Patrícia, Hélder, Susana, DJ Paulo, Swingcubanos, Clickt … and all the elements of Quinta da Barreta.



Matilde & Olga, August 15, 2015

A dream day, much more than our imagination could achieve …

All thanks to the special dedication of a team of professionals of the highest standard, I lost count of the amount of praise I received for the friendliness, availability, quality of service, space, for EVERYTHING! I was thinking, but this girl (Patricia Mendes) is a Ninja, there is no other rational explanation, she is ALWAYS there, always in the right place and at the right time!

It’s a tight fit that I get when I realize that our meetings are over, our ramblings about our bugs, the rescues at the gas pumps, thanks for the care and the dedication, you know how to make us feel really special! From <3


Cláudia & Edgar. August 1, 2014

Fantastic team. They made our day super special. Thank you for everything. Kisses


Natalia & Tiago, August 2, 2014

“… We want to enjoy and leave here a big thank you for the wonderful party we had !!! We have only received very good praise and many are due to the space and service you have provided. They were all amazed at your professionalism. You were wonderful and so our day was spectacular.

A great little kiss for the whole team !!! ”


Cláudia & Edgar, August 1, 2014

(bride’s mother)

Hello good afternoon

I went through your page simply to congratulate you on the excellent work you did yesterday at the wedding of my princess Cláudia Morais

It was all 5 stars from the magnificent farmhouse to the employees and the friendliness of all of you all your staff was magnifico to D PATRICIA, which was a sympathy to the head of the room for your concern to all of you I wish you a good there for you Bjs of this mamy who loved


Telma & Eládio, July 25, 2014

“Thank you for your professionalism.We made our day beautiful, Fantastic !! Everything was 5 * Thank you Patrícia and Hélder, have a Super team attentive to all the details !. We and our guests love it.You’re from Congratulations , It was perfect 🙂

We chose this space on recommendation and it was definitely the right choice for this special day. We love everything and our guests also what is great. They are super professionals, the food is great and the space is beautiful. It was fantastic our day.


Cláudia & Nuno, 20 July 2014

An unforgettable and wonderful day in a fantastic Quinta! 🙂 To all the people who helped us provide a magical moment, our very much Thank you, especially Patricia and Hélder 🙂 We loved it we loved it 🙂 ”


Andreia & Jorge, June 28, 2014

Without a doubt, we were very lucky to have celebrated this great day at Quinta da Barreta, we loved all the friendliness, professionalism from the first visit, the day we only had the confirmation of what we expected, everything fantastic, from people, space, Food, everything went very well. We loved it, we could not feel better. Thanks to all who are part of this fantastic team. The feedback from our guests was the same.


Andreia & Jorge, June 28, 2014

“Good to Helder and Patricia a big hug the size of the world! To the rest of the staff of the farm of the Jimmy the hug can only be the same size!

Anyone who has the opportunity to one day attend and appreciate the services of this farm will realize that there is no possible dimension to the gratitude that is left for this work team !! Just hope to return to enjoy all the Chef’s work! Thank you so much for the dream wedding you gave me! strong hug”


Tânia & Mathieu, June 1, 2014

“The first time we visited Quinta da Barreta we had the sensation of entering an enchanted forest, a space of fairy tales. What better way to start our” happily ever after “?

Patricia followed us closely, and her work and dedication began months before with all the preparations: suggesting several options, accommodating our choices, giving us advice, managing all the details (last minute changes, menus in 3 languages, special requests, etc.).

On the day of the wedding, Patricia and Helder were unstoppable to make sure everything was perfect. It is not easy to manage a team, guests and still be able to keep an eye on the bride to see if she does not forget to eat! Thank you very much for making this day a perfect and unforgettable day.

We trust 100% the dance floor to DJ Paulo G. The most important thing in a DJ is to have the feeling of when to shake things a bit and even today we smile when we remember the change of music at the exact moment that brought the whole malt from the garden to to dance. Thank you for animating the party, but especially for the advice given backstage at important times.

Everything on that day was wonderful and we have no words to thank. What is stored in the memory are the details and a team from Quinta da Barreta who went beyond the professionalism to make this day unique not only for us but also for our guests.

Tania & Mathieu ”


Diana & Emanuel, June 14, 2014

“We have no words to thank all the dedication of this team FANTASTIC! Exceptional professionals who made this day unforgettable!


Catarina & Miguel, May 30, 2014

“(…) the value of things is not in the time they last, but in the intensity with which they occur. So there are unforgettable moments, inexplicable things and incomparable people … ”
Fernando Pessoa
This phrase was the starting point for the entire organization of our marriage, even before we even elected it: the place, the form, the regime, the guests, the gifts, etc …
But as we were looking for a place where “OUR DAY” became unforgettable and lived with maximum intensity for us and our guests, it was not difficult at the time of our first visit to happen such a “click”, that is, love at first sight. Suddenly everything has become easier, those difficult choices: tables, decoration, flowers, cakes, menus, drinks, whether it’s outside or inside, etc, etc, etc … with the fantastic help and accompaniment of the entire Quinta da Barreta team , With special emphasis on Patrícia and Hélder, always tireless and even with the natural exhaustion of so many hours to work, always have the most sincere and comforting words we want to hear.
And because we thought Quinta da Barreta, since that first visit, became part of our family, we wanted to be told to the world that our family would have a new member, presenting our families the “surprise guest.”
We could write and write, but we could never translate the happiness and the most heartfelt thanks for giving us a fantastic day.
For this and for everything, our thanks for having written, produced and realized the movie of “OUR GREAT DAY”.
Catarina & Miguel


Sofia & Hugo, May 31, 2014

Can not we repeat it all over again? Only one more… 🙂

We worshiped, worshiped, worshiped … Everything was more than perfect. The friendliness, the professionalism, the dedication and commitment and your good disposition! A special thanks to Patricia for the way she organized and gave us the happiest day of our lives! Hélder, thank you for everything, and especially for letting us escape through the kitchen door 😉

You guys are exceptional !!

A big kiss, Sofia, Hugo and other family and friends! 🙂


Carla & David, April 25, 2014

It’s exactly one month ago that we got married at Quinta da Barreta. We can not fail to thank the unforgettable day that the whole team provided. Your farm presents a service of excellence, from the sympathy and professionalism of all the staff, through the cleaning of the interior and exterior space and culminating in the food extremely well made.

Patricia and Helder: thank you for all the support you have given us. From the first visit we realized that it would be the ideal place to hold our wedding


Ana & Bruno, April 18, 2014

As soon as we visited the farmhouse, we set aside a list of half a dozen low-cost spaces that we had to visit. It was love at first sight! Because?
Simplicity, elegance, harmony, warmth, beauty, class, design and above all professionalism, cleanliness and quality!
The first impact counted a lot and, although it is slightly more expensive than the other options, it compensated a lot for the partnerships that the fifth has with DJ`s, musicians, photographers and animators for the children.
The fact that the value of the table decoration was included was also decisive, saving time and money!
We loved the outdoor space, where the civil ceremony was held, and to which contributed the wonderful sunny day with which we toast the Good Friday!


Helena & Kon, July 28, 2013

We married at Quinta da Barreta on July 28, 2013. It was, in fact, a magical day. The day was magnificent but that was the only detail that Quinta da Barreta did not assure. All the other moments that made this unforgettable day were taken care of by the fantastic team: Patrícia Mendes (who from the first minute accompanied us in every decision: tireless, positive, professional, very competent), the team responsible for food and service The guests were very pleased with the fantastic prepared delicacies and delicacy), Paulo Gralha (who gave music to our guests: he went to meet our expectations and put everyone dancing) and João Marques (who captured all the moments of the Our beautiful day and that flooded the room in good mood).
We could not have chosen a better place. Our feedback is 100% positive and that of our guests still makes us happier. Congratulations.

It should be pointed out that it will very possibly be the most organized, competent and efficient service for events of this kind that some have had the opportunity to experience. Not only by the extremely friendly staff, but also by the professionalism and organization that demands such an occasion. With brilliant suggestions, they make use of the vast experience they already have in the area and enrich themselves with recommendations (never compulsory) for complementary services such as music, photography and animators with whom they are already accustomed to work and who increase the synergies so that everything has flowed Beautifully. Thank you all. Fifth and all involved.


Marta & Ricardo, September 14, 2013

I, my husband and all our guests loved the wedding and all the service provided by Jimmy’s staff. We have nothing but nothing that would displease us.
I take this opportunity to thank all the members of the farm who helped make it a wonderful day and especially the person I had the most contact with and who will stay in my heart forever. Thank you Patricia! Thank you so much! I wish you all the best.


Filipa & Samuel, June 28, 2013

Great staff, great location and great service. The professionalism this present during all the minutes of the day. I do not have a single point less good to point out, it was a perfect day. It really is a farm where dreams can come true 🙂


Ana & Rui, June 22, 2013

We really enjoyed our wedding that was held at Quinta da Barreta. Being in your interior we feel much peace and good energy. It is quite cozy. It has good green space, good access and good food. The team of professionals become our “friends”, as it is a humble team with high values ​​of professionalism and education. I still salute a good couple of partnerships with good discounts, who accompany us throughout the entire organization in order to facilitate the life of the couple.
We thank you for your dedication and thank you for helping us to make our dream day unforgettable.


Vanessa & Nuno, April 13, 2013

Not because it was ours, but it was the best wedding ever. Excellent team of professionals who have made our day into something truly exceptional! There is no single criticism of such a brilliant team and extraordinary venue. The best price-quality ratio.


Catarina & Nuno, September 15, 2012

Very pleasant outside space, with optimum pinewood area for hot days, where we made the cocktail reception and a garden with beds that makes the end of the afternoon magical.
Large hall that allows a movement between spaces and tables, and that makes after hours very lively.
The accompaniment and quality of service were exceptional, the food was of high quality and never lacked anything. The employees were always attentive and available to attend any request.
The possibility of choosing different menus and composing with extras, allows us to have a service to our liking and the size of our pocket.
We highly recommend it.


Cláudia & João,  September 22, 2013

Dear Patrícia, Hélder and the rest of Quinta da Barreta team,
Yesterday he did precisely one month that we shared with you such a moment of our lives.
Thank you very much for making the 22/09/13 really perfect, unique, with unforgettable moments. You were restless, exceeded all our expectations.

Kisses and Hugs for everyone.
Cláudia & João


Mariana & Filipe, August 31, 2013

I would like to thank this Quinta da Barreta, they provided us and our guests with an excellent day, it was very good and we received good feedback from the guests … 1 little kiss to Patricia who was relentless with us and congratulations to the whole team By good work continue !!


Mariana & Pedro, April 21th, 2013

Hello everyone!

Me and Pedro, now returning to our daily lives, we would like to thank you all once again for our spectacular day!

We spent the perfectly enchanted honeymoon reminding you of the wedding and praising your professionalism and sympathy that made it all possible. Our families loved it and many (but even many!) Guests came to tell us how much they had enjoyed the space and especially the service. The compliments were many and varied but no doubt there was a thread: all the staff of the farm presented a service five stars able to be always attentive without, on the one hand, being “melgas” nor, on the other, are mere statues. My mother in particular was thankful for the care everyone had with her and to say that she felt as if protected by the whole team.

To Patricia, to Helder, to all those who contributed but whose names we did not know, and especially to Inês – who accompanied us and helped throughout the process – a huge thank you. We had a perfect day, happy and carefree, and it would not have been possible without your commitment.

Thank you.


Rita & Marco,  May 11th, 2013

Patrícia, Inês and Helder,

In addition to what we wrote in your book of honor and all that we broadcast throughout the party, we saw in this way to thank again.

You were overwhelmed in terms of professionalism, friendliness, organization, attention to detail that made our party a bit more special.

We received several compliments which we convey with great pleasure.

Our special thanks, we will come back …


Paula & José, August 24, 2013

Good afternoon Patricia,

I come to thank all the dedication and all the affection that we received from all your team,

That gave us a fantastic and special day.

These are unique moments that we will never forget.

It was good to have you with us.

Thank you

Until forever



Catarina & André, July 6, 2013

Thank you so much for helping us make our day special !!

Thank you very much for the excellent organization and for your great sympathy.

We loved it!


Sofia & Nuno,  May 5, 2013

There are no words to describe this day. It was more than perfect. Much of this was due to all your work and your commitment. If we married again, we would return to Quinta da Barreta.

Congratulations to the whole team. All very helpfull and friendly.

They made it a memorable day.

Thank you all


Carla & Eurico, September 7, 2012

Thank you to the whole team at Quinta da Barreta! The 07-09-2012 organized perfectly one of the happiest days of my life! You are fantastic.